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CANM-NASA-URC will provide NASA competency-building education and research opportunities
to fourteen undergraduate and fourteen graduate students per year, for a total of 140 studentyears, who will become prepared for employment in STEM disciplines at NASA, industry and higher education. These students will be selected from three different institutions with over 95% Hispanic enrollment, and covering all geographical areas of the Jurisdiction: Metropolitan -North -East (UPR-Rio Piedras, a PhD institution), South-West (UPR-Mayaguez, a PhD institution), and Central (UPR-Cayey, a BS institution). They will participate in any of the various NASArelated projects developed by CANM. Moreover, they will spend 4 to 10 weeks a year at NASA GRC, NASA ARC or JPL doing collaborative research. CANM-NASA-URC will have long-term impact by increasing the number of underrepresented students who complete undergraduate and graduate education in areas of relevance to NASA, contributing to enhance and diversify the National workforce in STEM. Moreover, CANM will partner with the Institute for Functional Nanomaterials and PR NASA Space Grant in order to infuse NASA-related content and enthusiasm in the pre-college education pipeline, and will serve as a conduit of information of NASA-related rasearch by using CANM graduate and undergraduate students to design and offer workshops related to CANM projects for pre-college students.